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The Alten Handball Foundation is proud to provide support to those who share our passion for the sport of handball. 

Please read the following agreement before submitting a request. If you are willing to comply with all of the rules and stipulations please continue with the application process by downloading the application forms. When you have completed filling out the application please return to for review.

For Program Funding Request please fill out the online form here:

Tournament Request Form and Recipient Agreement

The Alten Handball Foundation (AHF) hereby funds the undersigned a stipulated amount of funding for the purpose of running a handball tournament. The undersigned acknowledges that he or she will be acting as an independent contractor and not as an employee of the AHF. AHF encourages funding recipient to seek other funding sources in addition to our funding.

The AHF agrees to fund a tournament to the undersigned as follows:

Tournament Entrants:

0 – 10 $100 Plus $25 for each waived entry fee over 4 waived entrants
11- 40 $250 Plus $25 for each waived entry fee over 10 waived entrants
41+ $500 Plus $25 for each waived entry fee over 20 waived entrants

Please review the following before signing. Prior to receiving funds:

Funding recipient agrees to enforce the mandatory wearing of eye protection during play and practice.
Funding recipient agrees to acknowledge AHF’s sponsorship in all written public relations materials, promotional materials, social media and solicitations for funding and events.
Funding recipient will give ensure the AHF logo will appear on all entry form or promotional materials and on any tournament souvenirs.
Funding recipient will waive tournament entry fees for all students and players under the age of 21.

Funding recipient agrees to provide progress reports as requested by the AHF. Upon signing below and returning Report 1, recipient will receive one-half the funding amount within ten days prior to tournament start date.. The second half will be sent after receipt of the tournament report. Example of the report follows this form

For any other Funding related request or questions please feel free to contact us at

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